Aniruddha Bapu

Shubhaveera Tracy shares her experience about how Bapu saved her and her family from a major fire that broke out at her place at Hongkong and also further elaborates her own experience saying how Bapu brought her out of her fears and made her a confident person.

Aniruddha Bapu

Rewaveera Malhotra shares her beautiful experience of the birth of her grandson who even though born in abnormal conditions, just by the blessings bestowed by Bapu, got a normal life

Aniruddha Bapu

Sumedhaveera Kumar narrates her amazing experience as to how she got cured from a dreadful disease like Breast Cancer just by the Grace of Aniruddha Bapu. Her experience again manifests that how our Sadguru pulls us away from a worst situation turning it into a favorable one.

Aniruddha Bapu

Apurvasinh Sircar shares his experience about how P. P. Bapu eradicated the pain of his bed ridden mother. Further, he tells his own experience of Bapu relieving him from sore throat, making his awkward situation turn into a fruitful one.

Raghunathsinh Mohante : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - Raghunath mohante is a retired scientist now who worked under Dr. A P J Abdul kalam. He has expressed his positivity and satisfaction that he sought by reading books and chantings of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. 

English Experience -- Ambarishsinh Chaterjee - 2 : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Ambarishsinh Chaterjee - 2 :
By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - Ambarish Chaterjee shares one of its kind astonishing experience of himself in Australia at the airport. Also, he elucidates another experience of other Shraddhavan devotee from Australia to whom he happens to meet in his hardships and unknowingly helping him to get through it by handing Udi and P.P. Bapu's photograph. This experience epitomizes that Bapu need not to be present everywhere physically but can certainly create circumstances favourable for his Devotees.

English Experience -- Capt. Onilsinh Dhir : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Capt. Onilsinh Dhir : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - An Anubhav explaining the Super Natural Subtle powers of Sadguru. The best of Engineering cannot function till The Master of all Engineering (One who has created this Universe)  does not wish to. With the Grace of Sadguru The IMPOSSIBLE becomes I-M-POSSIBLE


English Experience -- Dr Madhuriveera Thakur : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu -Madhuriveera a doctor by profession, stays in Scotland. She narrates her experience as how Bapu through her dreams made her realize that He is always there for her. A robbery had happened in her area. A few cars were broken and one was her's. But by Bapu's grace the thieves stole only a beer bottle and all the costly belongings were safe and sound. 


English Experience -- Kumudiniveera Vichare: By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu -
Aniruddha Bapu

Anantsinh Gawli's experience elucidates the ups and downs in his life, in terms of finance, his marriage, his career, which were taken care of by the ultimate grace of Bapu. Today, he is well settled in his life and leads a happy life.

Aniruddha Bapu

Sandeepsinh Mahajan’s experience depicts that whatever may be the intensity of the mis-happenings in our life, but just by the grace of our Sadguru Bapu we remain unaffected. He narrates how he survived through a major accident in his life.

Aniruddha Bapu

Rewaveera Malhotra explains her own experience of a particular skin disease she was suffering since years. But only because of Bapu’s grace and  Dada’s words she got a good treatment that drove her pain away

Aniruddha Bapu

Anishaveera Chaudhari describes her terrific experience how Bapu protected her from a ghost, when she went for school trip.

Rajeevsinh Karnik describes his breath taking experience of Blood Cancer that has a high death rate normally. But only with Bapu’s grace today he has survived through it. Bapu made him change completely from a atheist to a devotee

English Experience -- Shrutiveera Shah : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Shrutiveera Shah :
By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - Shurti Shah,CA, describing major experience about her husband's fatal kidney failure which he survived without a transplant. Further, she narrates how she was encouraged by Bapu's words in the upliftment of her life

English Experience -- Cpt. Oneilsinh Dhir : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Cpt. Oneilsinh Dhir :
By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - A photo of Bapu is just not a picture - it is Bapu Himself. This is felt and expressed by all the devotees and hence the reason all wear Bapu lockets or shirt pins. Yet another sweet anubhav depicting the love for Bapu and constantly taking to His photo and Bapu responding back by removing all hurdles coming in the way of His devotee. This anubhav explains beautiful loving relationship between Sadguru and the bhakta.

Aniruddha Bapu : Narration of personal experience by Sushilsinh Racherla

English Experience -- Sushilsinh Racherla : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - An interesting experience of a young MBA Marketing graduate overcoming his depression and regaining his confidence with Param Pujya Bapu's grace.


English Experience -- Mihirsinh Nagarkar: By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu -
English Experience -- Snehalsinh Shah : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Snehalsinh Shah explains a spell bound experience of his wife who went in coma suddenly and within two days she was revived back to life and leaving a healthy life  today – a magic created only by our beloved Sadguru Bapu that made all the doctors speechless.

Aniruddha Bapu

Girindrasinh Vasudeo beautifully narrates his experience about how he had lost his job when the Company he was working with was acquired by another Group of Companies. But by the Grace of our beloved Bapu he got placed with a promotion in the new group.

Aniruddha Bapu

Anishaveera Chaudhari, depicts her mesmerising experience of how she survived from 26/11 terrorists attack under the shield of P. P. Bapu.

Aniruddha Bapu

Ambarishsinh Chatterjee narrates his astonishing experience of a road accident that had occurred to him. He describes how Bapu’s shield protected him from that fatal accident.

Aniruddha Bapu

Sunilsinh Behel’s experience opens up a new perspective of our beloved Sadguru Bapu’s leela. The experience states how Bapu, the savior pulled him out of the financial crises he was going through.

English Experience -- Ahilyaveera Saur : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Ahilyaveera Saur :
By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - Ahilyaveera Saur narrates the incredible experience of her Father-in-law, who was diagnosed to have colon cancer and his overall health was gradually deteriorating. Bapu pulled him away from the jaws of death giving an extension of life so as to enable him to fulfil his wish of living through his 50th wedding anniversary which was few months away.
Sadguru Bapu always says Spirituality begins where Science ends.  Science as yet has not been able to predict exact time of birth and death. An amazing anubhav explaining the control over life and death by our Sadguru Bapu.

English Experience -- Anitaveera Amrale : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu

Anitaveera Amrale : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - This Anubhav of Anitaveera Amrale depicts that there is no barter system between Sadguru and You. Sadguru is ever ready to showers HIS  unconditional Love and Grace always.

Aniruddha Bapu : Narration of personal experience by Satishsinh Kuri - English

English Experience -- Satishsinh Kuri : By The Grace of Aniruddha Bapu - This anubhav narrates how Param Pujya sadguru Bapu helped his devotee who was staying miles away. He was facing some employment related problem and only by his beloved sadguru's grace, his faith in Param Pujya Sadguru Bapu and his prayers made him come out of that problem easily.